Employee Incentive Program
What's my username/password for logging in?
  • Staff should use the same username and password that they use for their campus email account. Please do NOT include "" on the end of your username.
How do I see what I've won after an auction is over?
  • You will receive an email from the PeayBay committee alerting you if you win any items during the auction. We will provide instructions on where and when to pick up any items that you win.
How do I see the items I've bid on during an auction?
  • Either A) Click on the "My Bids" link in the main menu or B) Click on My Account; Auctions; active auctions.
What happens to my points if I get outbid on an item?
  • You will automatically recover points from items on which you are outbid.
What does it mean if an item is "out of stock"?
  • "Out of stock" notices may appear in the Buy It Now auctions if another staff member completes the purchase of a Buy It Now item before you are able to.
What is the Random Prize Drawing?
  • This is an attempt to allow all permanent staff members to participate in PeayBay just by logging into the auction daily! Just log in and the system will track everyone that logs in, we will draw from those names.
How does the new 25% bidding rule work?
  • For any item you're bidding on, you must bid 25% of your available points.
    So, let's say you have 100 points. You decide to bid on "Item A". You are required to bid at least 25 points (25% * 100). You bid 25 points. You now have 75 points available to you.
    A few minutes later you also decide to bid on "Item B". You are required to bid at least 19 points (25% * 75). You bid 19 points.You now have 56 points available.
    …And so on…
Can I upload my own picture?
  • No, PeayBay displays photos taken in the OneCard system. Note: If there is a significant problem with your photo, you may choose to NOT display your photo.
How do I disable my picture if I don't want it to show on the "Give Points" page?
  • Click on My Account; Edit; Personal Information, and choose "No" from the dropdown.